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"Landscape Architecture" magazine article featuring American HydroSoil
December 2010

Our soil amendment is designed and engineered for the customer who is looking for a unique green, renewable, sustainable product. Capable of quick absorption of water in the soil, water is held and released as the plants require. American Hydrosoil has the ability to hold water in sandy soils as well as break up clay soils to allow for increased root depth and improved plant health and growth.

Teas Nursery Est. 1843 *American HydroSoil has been used by me, John Teas, to germinate tomato seed using little more water than the initial watering. The flower beds at my new home were made by incorporating American HydroSoil into the soil. I am a fourth generation nurseryman and believe I know how to water, but my wife and I had to learn to cut back on the watering in those areas. I highly recommend American HydroSoil for new gardens that are being built. Especially in my age group where people travel for weeks at a time and cannot water consistently. For them, American HydroSoil is a must to save the plants from stress.
John Teas
Teas Nursery

*Originally marketed as Eco Dirt

Sand dune restoration using American Hydrosoil




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